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Keyboard mouse simulation

Designed specifically for users who want to efficiently and comfortably replace mouse operations with keyboard use, helping you avoid wrist pain caused by prolonged mouse usage.

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Why Choose Mouseless?

User-Friendly Operation.

Mouseless uses well-designed shortcuts to easily simulate mouse actions, allowing you to quickly get started and improve work efficiency.

  • Intuitive Shortcut Keys: Easy to remember and use, enhancing efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Simulation: Perfectly performs clicking, dragging, scrolling, and right-click actions.
  • Customizable: Set shortcuts according to personal preferences.
Health and Comfort.

Mouseless reduces wrist strain through keyboard operation, preventing mouse-related injuries and maintaining your health.

  • Prevent Mouse-Related Injuries: Reduces strain on wrists and fingers.
  • Enhance Comfort: Using the keyboard with both hands is more comfortable.
  • Protect Wrist Health: Prevents repetitive strain injuries to the wrist.


  • At most five devices.
  • For all the current and future features.
  • Free 30-Day Trial.
$15 / Six months (50% OFF)

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$20 / One year (50% OFF)

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$88 / Forever (30% OFF)

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Donwload For MacOS
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